About us

firma is a branding and innovation agency, founded by Anton Pinyol and Marc Lite in 2005, and located in Barcelona. Our handmade approach is based on using our understanding and vision of business as a guide for the creative and innovation process.

Personalized approach

We work on every project with the same enthusiasm as if it were the first, without preconceived ideas nor prefab solutions. Pure fresh air.

Daring ideas.

We believe in the mutual importance of strategy and creativity and, as a principle, reject creativity for the sake of creativity itself. More than anything, we consider ourselves to be people with strategic business vision who use our creativity to shape our recommendations and ideas. Strategy only makes sense when visualized.

Seeing is believing.

All our branding projects result in a creative visualization of the presented ideas; showing how various brands relate to one another, visualizing packaging, a leaflet, a web page or graphic advertising. We don't limit ourselves to producing dense powerpoint documents but conclude all our projects by making our recommendations tangible through their visual projection.