Bitter Kas

The return of a great classic

Bitter Kas is a classic beverage in Spain owned by Pepsico. It is a red and bitter non-alcoholic drink generally consumed by old ladies at their trusted cafés as an appetizer before lunch. In 2015 the brand reinvented itself with a notorious TV campaign under the concept “From 1966 until you like it”, a very powerful claim that along with the already existing universe around Bitter Kas made it really easy for us to create the activation campaign that would support the TV campaign on the streets: Bringing music and party to bars with a specially handmade and branded bicycle in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, supporting the L'Eroica cycling race, producing brand promotional items for people to keep... We also tackle digital lands by managing their social networks, to aim their new speech at their new target audience. We are sure Dr. Hausmann, the pharmacist responsible for the creation of this beverage, would be proud of what Bitter Kas has become.