Drinkfinity is an innovative beverage system developed by PepsiCo that’s as good for people as it is for the planet. It is personal, functional and sustainable, allowing people to create their own beverage anywhere, anytime.

Firma was involved in the project from the beginning, in 2010, not only from a branding perspective but also with a role in the business and innovation process. Like many other innovations, it started by sketching rough ideas and experimenting. Currently, we are Drinkfinity's global branding and communication agency for the Brazil and US markets.

Along with an international team we designed and developed the corporate website and e-commerce platform, as well as the advertising and the social media strategy. We've also been involved in the design and execution of the brand's stores in Brazil.

It's been great being part of the launch of the brand in Brazil and the US. But the Drinkfinity journey has just started. As a team, we are eager to help push it further everyday so it becomes a global movement.