Firma is ESADE’s branding, advertising and media planning agency since 2008. Since then, we have been leading several projects related to a variety of disciplines, from brand architecture and design to advertising, trying to reach the highest standards in communication for one of the most renowned Business Schools in Europe. Our specific motivation derives from our strong involvement with the school, since many of the people working at Firma studied at ESADE and some of us teach there.

Amongst the many ESADE projects, for instance we developed the master design for the brochures of several programs, designing one or two brochures for each category. We have also carried out ongoing work on the design of digital materials such as websites, landing pages and newsletters. In addition, we have designed specific projects such as signage, info graphics displayed on some of the walls, Christmas cards, program videos, etcetera.

Last, but not least, we are responsible for ESADE's whole advertising strategy, designing all creative elements (for both print and online but with a strong focus on performance) as well as taking care of media planning: from strategy to implementation and analysis. Time changes and so do tools. But we’ve been evolving and learning together to find the best strategies to grow together and this is a challenge we have always been happy to accept.