Are coffee machines defined in their factories? Or by the hands of the people who use them? Iberital was born in 1975 in Barcelona as a small company that sold spare parts of espresso machines. Nowadays it is not only a worldwide player, but also offers perfect espresso machines for the hospitality industry.

Its history defined its particular vision: they know the machines from the inside, piece by piece, which gave them a strong understanding of their dynamics. But despite this thorough knowledge, in order to communicate the brand in the best way they needed to search for a perspective that would encompass the whole coffee universe, something baristas would fall in love with.

To obtain this goal, we helped them redefine their brand and their story. Not only did we generate a new visual identity, we also built a solid branding and communication strategy that feeds all their brand touch points: packaging, website, stands, etcetera. And, to reflect the new perspective, we created a content platform called The Coffee Universe.

Now you know the answer.

We created a series of videos with Iberital to explain what is the perfect preparation of a coffee latte, an espresso and a cappuccino.