Lay’s Artesanas

The Perfect Appetizer

Having an appetizer at a bar before lunch is a very special and old Spanish tradition as it is a moment to gather with your closest friends, talk about everything and nothing, enjoy the warmth of a sunny terrace and grab a little something before a meal. In the last few years, the “appetizer moment” has gained importance specially among young people who now look forward to the weekend, to the good weather and to enjoying a 'vermouth' (or a Bitter Kas) along with some chips and olives. It was the time for Lay's Artesanas, one of the favorite potato chips brands among the population, to take a decisive step and become the voice of this consumption occasion under the claim “The perfect appetizer”.

We carried out an activation campaign in 2014 with the collaboration of Isma Prados, the famous cook and food guru, to create a manifesto that put forth theories about how “the perfect appetizer” should be, as well as interviewing well-known food bloggers to ask for their opinions. In addition, we partnered up with some of the best bars in Barcelona to have an appetizer, bringing joy and color to this already beautiful moment.