Uplifting the Spanish courier leader brand

When the postman is the only tangible touchpoint for most e-commerce platforms, you realise how critical branding is for a shipping company.
At Firma, we have helped the Spanish national leader in courier services to define how their image and touchpoints need to be in an ever more digital context.
Since 2016 MRW has been undergoing a process of digitalisation and now they present this project with a new brand identity and positioning.

The characteristic agility of the brand’s services is proved in the visual system that completes the identity. A graphic pattern based on parallel lines that transmits speed, action, and movement.

This new identity symbolizes a declaration of intentions, which entails taking a step forward towards a digital context, where the brand must be represented clearly and powerfully with a distinct symbol and more contrasting colours.

The new identity takes into consideration the physical and digital needs of the brand. For this reason, the logotype was designed to maintain its appearance when reduced and uses a color scheme with greater contrast that maximises visibility at smaller sizes.
The new logotype converts the iconic W into a double check mark: a nod to the brand’s strategic move towards digitalization and a tool for the new brand claim: Entregados -Delivered-.