QiCard - Iraq bank

Did you know that many countries don’t have banking infrastructure? We take for granted that we will be able to withdraw or transfer money anywhere we go, pay with a credit card or even receive and keep our salary in a virtual account we can access anytime, anywhere. But what if the only way to receive your salary were by going to a specific bank (that might be 2,000 km away from you) on a specific date (and if not your money “disappears”)? This happens more often than we think. QiCard started in Iraq to solve this problem and create a sort of banking infrastructure that could be applied to any country that does not have one, and in seven years it already has 4.7 million cardholders. We became part of the project of redesigning their identity, creating an iconic and visual system, and implementing it to their website, credit/debit cards, point of signaling and decoration, brochures and their whole communication campaign. Such an amazing project to work on, and still so much work left to do to improve the life of the majority.

We created an iconic and visual system, an easy way to communicate all the information around QiCard services. This visual system is implemented in all their visual communication, like brochures, posters, banners and the website.

We also redesigned the credit cards, an important element for users. A system based on patterns and colors that helps identify the different types of cards and customers.