Spring Hotels Group

Tenerife At Heart

This project's elements are somewhat unusual: an island, three hotels, and an average occupation rate of 95%.

Even though this project's complexity was camouflaged by its enviable results and the Canarian sun, when Spring Hotels presented it to us we quickly understood that there was much work to be done. Our challenge was to build a strong and unified brand. We had to organise the product portfolio and create a clear strategic positioning for each one of the three hotels.

The new Spring brand is inspired by nautical themes combined with prehistoric drawings of the Guanche, the original inhabitants of Tenerife. While the corporate brand is reinforced and made consistent, the individual hotels gain independence and can concentrate on their specific targets.

The main contact points of the brand have been renovated with a new “look & feel”: a photographic style in line with the new approach and a plan of communication both national and international to improve, if possible, the chain´s results.